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Here's a few essential components of products and services for our clients business and personal , including corporate package formation, building business credit, funding packages, and document preparation, that we offer:

9 key factors we help our clients with that help their overall credit score


Collections are debts sent to third-party agencies for recovery, negatively impacting credit scores due to missed payments or default.


Bankruptcies are legal declarations of inability to pay debts, severely damaging credit scores and remaining on reports for years.

Credit Mix

Credit mixing refers to having a diverse mix of credit types (e.g., credit cards, loans), positively influencing credit scores.


Charge-offs occur when creditors write off unpaid debts. They severely damage credit scores by indicating a failure to repay debts.

Judgement Liens

Judgment liens are court orders allowing creditors to claim assets. They lower credit scores, signaling unpaid debts
and legal action.


Repossessions occur when lenders seize assets due to missed payments. They significantly damage credit scores, indicating default on loans.


Foreclosures happen when homeowners fail to make mortgage payments. They severely damage credit scores, signaling default on a significant loan.


Inquiries occur when lenders check your credit. Too many in a short period may slightly lower your credit score.

Late Payments

Late payments occur when bills aren’t paid on time. They negatively impact credit scores, signaling irresponsibility and financial risk.